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Ava Devine was born on the 22nd of January 1974 on Long Island, New York. Little is known about her life before she entered the adult industry, and she rarely talks about it in interviews. What is unusual about her, however, is the late start in pornography that she got. Ava started appearing in movies in 2003, at the age of 29 (considering that most entrants to the industry in modern times are usually aged from eighteen to their early twenties, this is seen as relatively old), but despite that she has exceeded many people's expectations and appeared in over 105 titles since then, firmly establishing herself as one of the most successful MILF niche (Mother I'd Like to Fuck) pornstars who are active at the moment. In her first year alone she worked for famed production companies such as Zero Tolerance, Elegant Angel, Digital Playground, Red Light District, VCA and Acid Rain. Part of the appeal of Ava Devine can be attributed to her being part asian, which adds a microniche for all of her viewers, especially due to the lack of mature asian content in the market right now (sales volumes in the asian sector are firmly based in the teen niche). This widespread appeal is only complimented by her surgicallly-enhanced bust, which measured 38F until October 2005, when she had it reduced to 38DD. Prior to this she was one of the most demanded models for breast oriented movies, including appearances in Busty Beauties and Titty Mania franchises from Hustler and Heatwave, respectively.

Despite having her breast implants reduced in size, Ava is still in popular demand in both the internet and video markets. In 2006 alone, she has appeared in over 12 titles (for companies such as Hustler, Platinum X, Pure Play and Evasive Angels) as well as a large number of internet scenes. While not appearing on camera, Ava works as a high class escort across America (primarily from her current hometown of Las Vegas) with one of her main attractions being the PSE (escort community terminology for the 'Porn Star Experience'). She has maintained her popularity by being known for her off-screen attitude being even more promiscuous than when she is on camera, stated by many (including the popular pornstar Hannah Harper) as being "willing to have sex with anyone, (regardless of gender) at any time".


With a career that is just over 3 years old, many of those in the industry (on both the consumer and production side) would think that there is little to Ava Devines' appeal and persona other than her unique physical traits. This however is untrue, and her career has been successful (both in adult perfomances and in off screen ventures) thanks to a number of factors, some of which are listed below.

Notable Releases


A large part of Ava's appeal has been the huge amount of shoots she has featured in for porn websites, this has included both softcore and hardcore materials. Content featuring her is available widely on the net, however a large amount is simply licensed scenes from DVD releases she has starred in, a lower percentage is exclusive content that has been shot or ordered to be shot by the website producers themselves. An easy way to indentify these is that they are usually reality style (with a theme) websites rather than simple 'Movie Download' portals. Both have contributed to the growth of her fanbase, with potentially the most influential appearance being on the world-famous 'Milf Hunter' website in a scene with Shawn Rees. The website is within the top 5,000 sites on the internet according to ranking service Alexa.com and exposed her (along with creating a demand for her) in a completely different market to the video industry.

Since then she has made multiple exclusive appearances in web-exclusive content, with much of it being of a high enough quality to later be licensed and released on DVD. Interestingly, these apperances have not only been on mature or asian niche sites, many of them have been on niche sites not related to the normal market for Ava, including water bondage, BDSM and extreme toys (machines). Companies that have shot her for the net include Adult.com (now part of the Playboy company), My Friend's Hot Mom (part of Naughty America) and her own fan-club website AvaDevineOnline.com (which has not been verified to be owned by Ava herself, but it's focus is specifically her and her apperances)..

Vital Statistics

Escort Rates

It should be noted that these rates are subject to change at any time, and to get a current idea of details you may have contact Ava herself or look for updates to her escorting website at AvaDevine.com. Booking Ava is for spending time with her, nothing else is guaranteed and it cannot be stressed enough that for more information contact Ava, who quite frequently travels around the US on escorting tours, so you might have to wait quite a while in order to be able to book her in an area near you.


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